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  • 3. Guardrails Maturity – Data Analytics

    What are the different levels of platform maturity for providing innovation, and what does it entail in terms of business results and Data Analytics guardrails maturity? Read more

  • 2. Guardrails for Data Analytics

    This article mainly focuses on the challenges of writing the guardrails in data analytics that uses Data Mesh as the architectural construct, and how they can be approached. Read more

  • 1. Guardrails, An Introduction

    Guardrails / Boundaries sound claustrophobic and negative in nature. They are being seen as restrictive, an unnecessary rule that takes away freedom. Another way to look at it is that boundaries provide safety, it helps us liberate rather than constrain us. It gives freedom to select the vital few from the trivial many. Read more

  • The MUTE Point

    The MUTE Point

    Data and AI Transformation: Change in Leadership When joining Teams, the microphone is automatically muted in meetings with more than a specific number of participants. Do you find it frustrating, or is it the right feature? I was working on a large transformation programme in 2010-11. We were a tightly knit group of 60-70 architects…Read… Read more

  • Data and AI Transformations: Agility, Scalability and Partnerships

    Within IT and business, we work on several transformation programs, which are either to deliver strategic initiatives or to meet regulatory requirements. The strategic initiatives may cater for the medium to long-term business demand or upgradation of technology and platforms. In some cases, it can innovate and help businesses meet their strategy to bring new…Read… Read more