Guardrails – Data and Analytics

Data and analytics guardrails are a set of rules, processes, and controls that are put in place to ensure the integrity, security, and compliance of data and analytics systems. These guardrails help to prevent errors, protect against unauthorized access, and ensure that the data and analytics are used responsibly and ethically.

Some common components of data and analytics guardrails include data governance policies, data quality controls, data access controls, data security measures, and ethical guidelines for data usage. These guardrails are designed to protect the organization and its customers by ensuring that the data and analytics are transparent and trustworthy.

The subsequent chapters introduce the concept of guardrails, including how they can be defined, the challenges they present, and how they can be automatically measured.

1. Guardrails, An Introduction04th Dec 2022
2. Guardrails for Data Analytics11th Dec 2022
3. Data Analytics Guardrails, Capability Maturity Model17th Dec 2022
4. Data Analytics Guardrails, ExamplesComing Soon
5. Data Analytics Guardrails, Measurement and Automated AssuranceComing Soon

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