About Me

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Bhavin Shukla is a Data Leader who enjoys Spiritual Living.

Bhavin Shukla is the Principal Enterprise Architect responsible for Data and Analytics Architecture by profession. He has architected and developed the enterprise architecture and technology strategy for the Logical Data Warehouse and Data Analytics domains for a number of organisations.

He has over 20 years of experience as a data leader on major transformations on the world’s largest and most complex data and analytics programmes. This includes designing a Health Data platform for the world’s fourth largest organisation and transforming data analytics in the financial domain in multiple organisations.

He has a master’s degree in Physics from the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay and is eager to apply his knowledge in the field of education. He supports hunger-eradication initiatives as well as charities that assist young children who face serious challenges such as abuse, exploitation, and neglect.

Bhavin has architected and set up several complex Data Ecosystems successfully leading Transformation Programs to deliver value to businesses.

He has worked in various business domains such as Health, Telco, Finance and Retail.



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